[OE-core] Could oe-core be infected by virus?

JH jupiter.hce at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 21:13:34 UTC 2020

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your response.

On 1/21/20, Richard Purdie <richard.purdie at linuxfoundation.org> wrote:
> On Tue, 2020-01-21 at 22:21 +1100, JH wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have been using thud version to build imx6 image for about a year,
>> it was all good until my last image built at Mon Dec 23 2019.
>> The image was booted fine in the first and second times, then in the
>> third time, it broken, the boot could not be completed. The wired
>> thing was that image injected so many new messages, including
>> "Welcome
>> to OpenEmbedded nodistro.0!" I have never seen in previous built
>> image
>> boot. Here are new messages in booting, which were never seen in good
>> normal image booting:
>> ..................
>> [    0.440012] No ATAGs?
> Those messages all look fairly normal parts of system boot up so I very
> much doubt any virus is involved.
> I suspect many of these have always been there but maybe directed to
> different consoles which you weren't using.

No, no change to consoles, but I'll double check it.

> Something has probably changed on the device with the bootloader to
> kernel handoff and its changed the kernel boot parameters and console
> setup. This is now printing things on the console you've not seen
> before.

I am sure I did not make any changes to bootloader on the device, no
change to kernel, no change to console setup, the only changes were
applications, which are nothing to do with this problem. Having said
that, I'll double check it.

> The no ATAGS may or may not be related, I don't know what your system
> did differently.
> So if it was me, I'd be looking at how the bootloader and/or kernel
> commandline has changed with your last update.

I am not too concern about different message, but it looks like a
different system to start Bluetooth, ALSA, can, NFS, videodev, vgaar
which was weird, that device does not have sound, video, and
bluetooth. But the real problem I posted here is after 2 - 3 good
boot, the boot failed with so many errors of Failed to start udev
Coldplug all Devices, Failed to mount FUSE Control File System, Failed
to start Remount Root and Kernel File System, it seems it was
completed damaged by something which I found no clue for it.

Let me clarify it again, when I test the boot, I just switch it on,
shut it down, turn it on again several times, no thing injected to the
bootload or kernel, no thing was deleted. Has anyone seen that
problem? Appreciate if you could explain what could cause that errors?

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

- jh

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