[OE-core] License not found when building for different architectures

Alexandre Bard Alexandre.Bard at netmodule.com
Wed Jan 22 12:41:19 UTC 2020

Hi there,

I encountered a problem using bitbake for different architectures and building an image with the licenses:


The problem appears in warrior and can be reproduced with the following steps:

1. Build a full image with license for architecture A
2. Build the same image for architecture B
3. With architecture A environnement, cleanall package X that was packed in the image
4. Build again full image for architecture B

At steps 1 and 2, the directory build/tmp/deploy/licenses is populated with the proper licenses (but only once).
At step 3, the license of the package X is removed from the deploy directory.
At step 4, the sstate of the package X says there is nothing to do, but when the rootfs is created, the license is missing.

Does anybody knows about this problem and have a solution ?
The only thing I could do now is to put the licenses in "${DEPLOY_DIR}/licenses/${PACKAGE_ARCH}"
And change the code in license_image to check subdirectories in ${DEPLOY_DIR}/licenses in order to retrieve the licenses.

Best regards,
Alexandre Bard

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