[OE-core] Connectivity check uris

Jean-Marie LEMETAYER jean-marie.lemetayer at savoirfairelinux.com
Thu Jan 23 13:14:28 UTC 2020

Hi folks,

I have noticed some hang-ups at the beginning of my builds on the master branch.
I have search a little and discovered that the connectivity check made by poky
was the root cause. In fact connectivity check use the CONNECTIVITY_CHECK_URIS
variable which is by default set to "https://www.example.com/".

So I have made some tests with a little script which gets the URI 100 times:

	$ cat connectivity_check.sh
		local ok=0
		for i in $(seq 100)
			$@ > /dev/null && ok=$(($ok + 1))
		echo $ok $@
	connectivity_check wget -qO- --timeout=1 --tries=1 $1
	connectivity_check curl -s --connect-timeout 1 $1

Note that in the script, I use wget and curl to see if there are any differences
but I don't think that's a thing.

Here are the results:
	$ time ./connectivity_check.sh https://example.com
	45 wget -qO- --timeout=1 --tries=1 https://example.com
	45 curl -s --connect-timeout 1 https://example.com

	real	2m23.595s
	user	0m3.352s
	sys	0m1.834s

	$ time ./connectivity_check.sh https://openembedded.org
	100 wget -qO- --timeout=1 --tries=1 https://openembedded.org
	100 curl -s --connect-timeout 1 https://openembedded.org

	real	4m36.188s
	user	0m3.853s
	sys	0m1.761s

	$ time ./connectivity_check.sh https://google.com
	100 wget -qO- --timeout=1 --tries=1 https://google.com
	100 curl -s --connect-timeout 1 https://google.com

	real	0m36.328s
	user	0m4.265s
	sys	0m2.028s

So "example.com" is clearly not a good domain to do connectivity checks.

The "openembedded.org" domain is good but have a slow response time.

And finally "google.com" which have all sort of speedy networking stuff is very


I think the CONNECTIVITY_CHECK_URIS variable must be updated and not use the
"example.com" domain anymore. Using "google.com" may be the best option. But
eetting up a custom domain like "connectivitycheck.openembedded.org" could be
another idea.

Any ideas ?

Passionate embedded systems engineer
Savoir-faire Linux

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