[oe] VMware disk image type

Mickael Chazaux mickael.chazaux at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 12:48:10 UTC 2011


I see there is a vmware.conf in conf/machine, but it does not generate
vmdk (vmware virtual disk files) files. Here are the steps I take to
do that:

- create an empty file the size wanted (with dd),
- format it to ext3 (mkfs.ext3 myfile)
- mount it loopback (mount -o loop myfile /mnt)
- untar the OE-generated rootfs in /mnt
- create a /boot/extlinux.conf [1],
- install extlinux in /boot (extlinux -i /mnt/boot)
- umount,
- convert to vmdk (using qemu-img -O vmdk myfile myfile.vmdk)
- boot it in vmware.

Is it possible to add a "vmdk" image to openembedded to do this automatically?



/boot/extlinux.conf contents :

label a
kernel /boot/bzImage
append root=/dev/sda rw

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