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The current organization for OE is a German eV legal entity (similar to KDE: and is for the purpose of managing finances, voting, and membership.

An 'eV' for 'eingetragener Verein', in the German law, translates to a voluntary organization; a group of individuals who voluntarily enter into an agreement to form a body (or organization) to accomplish a purpose. The organization has members.

The OpenEmbedded eV statues are located here:

A bablefish translation is here -- could German speaking folks please clean this up: OpenEmbedded eV Statutes

During FOSDEM 2008 in Brussels, Belgium, a group of founding members physically gathered to get the paperwork going.

The current board consists of

  • Florian Boor
  • Michael Lauer
  • Robert Schuster
  • Holger Freyther

Current Members

(please keep in alphabetical order)

  1. Alessandro Gardich
  2. Leon Woestenberg
  3. Florian Boor
  4. Michael Lauer
  5. Robert Schuster
  6. Holger Freyther
  7. Philip Balister
  8. Liam Girdwood
  9. Graeme Gregory
  10. Jan Lübbe
  11. Daniel Willman

OE Developers

Openembedded Developers are people who have write access to the git repository. Due to the nature of OE, there are many developers, and each one tends to maintain a section of OE. A list of maintainers can be found here. See OpenEmbedded Developers for a list of current developers.


  • process for adding new members
  • process for voting
  • responsibility of the board
  • conflict resolution

Pointers for Board Members


Are contributions tax deductible?
Yes they are.
Should I become member of the OE e.V.?
If you are contributing to OE frequently and/or you are interested in getting involved in administrative or organisational tasks it might be a good idea to join OE e.V.
How do I become member of the OE e.V.?
Let an existing member introduce you by sending a short introduction to the 'ev' mailinglist. If you don't know one get in touch with us on the development mailinglist or IRC first. The e.V. is open for anyone to join and its not meant to be an exclusive club of a few developers.
Is there a membership fee?