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A list of projects, companies and other people using OE as well as some quotes from OE users.


  • 4G-Systems are using it for the Meshcube, see [1]
  • Dream Multimedia TV are using it for their Dreambox 702x, see [2]
  • M&N Solutions is using it for it's MNCI "Ramses" device for software release 5.4. They use a local derivate of OE for their radio hand-held terminals RT3000 and RT4000 and for their fork-lift terminal RT2100.
  • Toradex are using it for their Colibri development boards
  • emQbit is using it for their development boards
  • OpenMoko is using it for the OpenMoko SmartPhone Distribution
  • Techsol is using it for their Medallion boards.
  • Gumstix is using OpenEmbedded for their small form factor Basix, Connex, and Verdex motherboards
  • Bug Labs is using Poky Linux on the BUG device, a portable and modular Linux platform.
  • BEC Systems is helping customers use OE in commercial projects.

Inhouse Usage

  • AMD: internal work on distributions for a thin client
  • Openedhand : Internal development work and custom images
  • Siemens: internal work in R&D
  • TI: internal work on distributions for developer boards
  • Digitalcube : internal work in R&D for developer boards and PMP
  • kernel concepts : Internal R&D tasks and demo images for customers.
  • NXP Semiconductors: Custom images & distributions for research purposes with third parties.
  • Telefonica I+D Networked Vehicles Division : R&D tasks in automotive field. OE is used for vehicle On Board Units and infrastructure Road Side Units.
  • Atmel: demos and documentation on all AT91 ARM based products available on www.linux4sam.org : are using Ångström/OE.

Education and Research

Open Source

  • All Ångström releases are based on OE
  • All OpenZaurus releases >= 3.5.1 are based on OE
  • All OpenSIMpad releases >= 0.9.1 are based on OE
  • OpenSlug distribution for the Linksys NSLU2 and the Unslung distribution for the NSLU2 as well.
  • OWMNR - Open Wireless Metropolitan Network Router. OE based distribution for creating a wireless router.
  • GPE Phone Edition uses OE for VMWare demo images and to build SDKs.
  • The JLime Linux distribution uses OE for all current releases.
  • All Mamona releases are based on OE

Open Hardware


Well, looks like openembedded has really sorted out my install/setup nightmare for this eval board... thanks you guys. In the last 4 hours, i've gotten more done with this board than i have in 6 months.

I will try and add an smdk2410.conf machine file to the setup soon... not that i expect it'll be useful to a lot of people, but i'll try to at least document it so that other machines can be supported easily enough.

Well I just got OE set up and I've been really impressed so far.

OE takes all of the hassle out of cross-compiling.