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Kernel Support in OE


OpenEmbedded offers more than one kernel for the BeagleBoard. All come with several patches but the support of the BeagleBoard hardware is not perfect yet. The table summarizes the current status of hardware support. Please note that this applies to the kernels we have in OE only.

Boot USB OTG USB host DVI Audio out Audio in S-Video out MMC / SD RS232 Flash DSP SGX
2.6.27-r11 host only

Currently 2.6.27 is the default kernel in OE. If you want to build 2.6.28 you can set PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-omap = "2.6.28" in your local.conf. Then build the kernel bitbake virtual/kernel or a filesystem that should include the kernel modules. Another way to build the desired kernel is to point OE to the kernel bb directly.