OEDAM 2016

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Location and Time

Friday April 8 2016

Catamaran Resort & Hotel
3999 Mission Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92109

transportation will be provided, TBA (after ELC [Apr 4-6] and Yocto Project Developer Day [Apr 7])

NOTE: this event is NOT going to be at the Marriott Marquis as previously announced


Armin Kuster (Armpit)
Behan Webster (behanw)
Denys Dmytriyenko (denix)
Jan-Simon Möller (dl9pf)
Philip Balister (Crofton|work)
Sean Hudson (darknighte)
Tim Orling (Moto-timo)
Trevor Woerner
Tom King (ka6sox)
Mark Hatle (fray)
Jeff Osier-Mixon (jefro)
Frederick Ollinger (Follinge)
Rudolf Streif (rstreif)
Gratian Crisan
Alejandro Hernandez (aehs29)
Belén Barros Pena (belen)
Scott Murray (smurray)
Koen Kooi (koen)
George McCollister (georgem)
Michael Halstead (halstead) morning only

Agenda Items

  • Is there a better name for this meeting that would make it easier for people to get funding to attend?
  • Review items from last meeting in Dublin (Please add remarks)

BSPs & Layer Index

  • oe driving toward machine readable files, can also drive from layer

test (yp compat) side - KK

  • publicize defs of each list? discuss on members list - where to

overall architecture discussions belong

  • TSC to add new mailing list specifically about project

architecture, no patches, and determine list name [Done]

  • KK bring discussion to new mailing list

BSP standards - standards exist,coming soon are methods for comparing

a given layer with the standard

  • need wiki documentation for TSC to ratify
  • document distro vs. machine policies, other best practices

BSP layer availability

  • encourage board vendors to provide a BSP, make it easier to do so
  • ask yp ab to talk to linux.com [PB] - community issue
  • look at digi manual[1] (i.e. "just add bsp changes in local.conf"):

meta-yocto to meta-poky

  • RP to take action on the YP side, possibly not for 2.0 [Done, rename happened]
  • formalize lowercase as mandatory requirement for overrides, look for other options in the future [Done]

Layer Index feature requests discussed with layer index build feedback>>

  • ask for cycles from employers to work on these issues
  • make people aware, help with triage, provide resources


  • need a method for tracking CVs


complaints: more package config, comments; look at packaging to have minimal systemd even with options available

  • need someone with time available to work on it
  • need to get systemd feedback, people using systemd talk to package maintainer
  • file systemctl wrapper bug


  • board to discuss advocacy/community, invite jefro to meetings

Potential OE Day at ELCE next year

  • board: do a proper cfp