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Location and Time

Monday February 20 2017

Mentor Graphics
8005 Boeckman Rd
Wilsonville, OR 97070
Phone: (800) 547-3000

(Before ELC [Feb 21-23] and Yocto Project Developer Day [Feb 24])

Current transportation plan is meet in the Hilton Lobby at 0800. From there we will use Lyft/Uber/other in as efficient way as possible.

(fray) I've got room for 2, maybe 3 people in my car.

(jamesp) I can transport 3 in my car.

Live meeting minutes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ECCfBwdLUaW3I23RATWCU3kGnSh04Kv0DkH1_KfiLVA/edit?usp=sharing

Live phone conference dialin:

Conference# 8964521

Country Toll free number Toll number Notes

ARGENTINA(ARG) 8008000140 1159843238

AUSTRALIA(AUS) 1800706813 390084306

AUSTRIA(AUT) 80088665126 1800455064

BELGIUM(BEL) 80039126 27924568

BRAZIL(BRA) 8000201594

BULGARIA(BGR) 8001201150

CANADA(CAN) 8006375822 6477233937

CHILE(CHL) 12300201190 225994308

CHINA NORTH(CHN) 108007140888

CHINA SOUTH(CHS) 108001400863

CHINA UNIFIED(CHA) 8008195002 4006201003

CZECH REPUBLIC(CZE) 800701563 234147032

DENMARK(DNK) 80703176 36910500

EGYPT(EGY) 8000000216

FINLAND(FIN) 800114187 923194205 800773408

FRANCE(FRA) 800941758

GERMANY(DEU) 8001014542 69710448206

HONG KONG(HKG) 800903520 30508648

HUNGARY(HUN) 680018377

INDIA(IND) 8001006237 8006501628

IRELAND(IRL) 1800760168 14360203 1800944117

ISRAEL(ISR) 1809245898

ITALY(ITA) 800785295

JAPAN(JPN) 531160557 345899489 531190046

MALAYSIA(MYS) 1800814332

MEXICO(MEX) 18005148003 5547772297

MOROCCO(MAR) 002110011 8553458162

NETHERLANDS(NLD) 8002658235 207940366

NEW ZEALAND(NZL) 800453014 49094653

NORWAY(NOR) 80056416 21033210

PAKISTAN(PAK) 4238108701

POLAND(POL) 8001114760 223060765 800702736

PORTUGAL(PRT) 800780647

ROMANIA(ROM) 800400060 215291724

RUSSIAN FEDERATION(RUS) 81080025401012 4959952645

SAUDI ARABIA(SAU) 8008149944

SINGAPORE(SGP) 8001011714 64944153 8001205024

SLOVAKIA(SVK) 800606530

SOUTH KOREA(KOR) 308140655

SPAIN(ESP) 900947050

SWEDEN(SWE) 201400572 114501530

SWITZERLAND(CHE) 800561819 434569423 800705314

TAIWAN(TWN) 809090682


UNITED KINGDOM(GBR) 8006920143 2070840301

UNITED STATES(USA) 8006375822 6477233937 9172102607


  • Sean Hudson (darknighte)
  • Armin Kuster (armpit)
  • Philip Balister (Crofton)
  • Trevor Woerner (tlwoerner)
  • Denys Dmytriyenko (denix)
  • Stephano Cetola
  • Matthew McClintock
  • Tim Orling (moto-timo)
  • James Perkins (jamesp)
  • Patrick Ohly (pohly)
  • Richard Purdie (RP)
  • Mark Hatle (fray)
  • Jan-Simon Möller (dl9pf)
  • Derek Straka
  • Scott Murray (scottm)
  • Ken Sharp
  • Behan Webster (behanw)
  • Brian Avery (bavery)
  • Saul Wold (sgw)
  • David Reyna

Agenda Items

  • Review items from last meeting in Berlin (Please add remarks)
  • Proposal (Patrick): "production" vs. "development" builds and features
  • Proposal (Patrick): stateless distro
  • Proposal (Patrick): GPLv3 handling - remove recipes for obsolete components, replace with adaptive recipe and image configurations (like disabling readline support)
  • Proposal (Patrick): remove openembedded-devel@lists.openembedded.org Reply-To?
  • Discuss recruiting new layer maintainers for meta-oe and what a maintainer does.

Berlin AR's


Yocto-Compatibility requires pushing patches upstream, but Yocto doesn't handle QA for old releases A lot of work for the software vendors rp: have new/separate LTS tree for older releases crofton: how to coordinate between ppl who want this, collect interest in the wiki add maintainer information to the layer repos? rp: write a proposal? → enough interest to set this up

action: Armin will start conversation on the Architecture list Not completed

Windriver ‘setup’ Demo

Conclusion: We want it in OE instead of Yocto (unanimous) Mark: Once able to contribute, talk to halstead for new repo. Repo published. OE has not taken over

Notes: Layer Index was recently updated and this was required before progress can be made on promoting this tool.

I would like to talk about the next steps at the OEDAM, now that everything is public.

Devtool and other stuff (10:04)

Sysroot-Contamination rp: solution “sysroot per recipe”

Suggestion for improvement of how to handle site and user configuration.

Conclusion: Saur will implement the BBPATH_EXTRA and discuss it on the list.

BSPs and layer name recommendations

RP: We can do this by … For Compatible v2 we want to raise the bar. Sanity check for things that keep breaking. Conclusion: Jan-Simon will start a script check the basic stuff, RP should add the checksum checks.


RP: This discussion needs to continue beyond OEDEM

Layer Quality

Conclusion: We need to get the word out and get suggestions.

Make perl and python distro features? [Saur]

Conclusion: No change.

Support for meson build system? [Saur]

Conclusion: Patches welcome, talk to Ross.


Conclusion: RP: This needs to go to the ML

Discuss merging duplicate classes and recipes (metadata)

Conclusion: Duplicate recipes and machines need to be brought up with the maintainers.

Conclusion: Mark, RP, Chris and others should look to create a proposal about resolving the confusion over layer order/priority/etc.

Changes to deploy_image

Conclusion: Document

Discussion on mesa and splitting libgbm

Conclusion: RP: Topic should be discussed with Ross on mailing list.

Discussion of recipe maintainers for oe-core and beyond

RP: This list is a Yocto initiative. They try to get more involvement from the members. There is an incentive to get more ppl involved (recipe reporting system):


Live meeting minutes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ECCfBwdLUaW3I23RATWCU3kGnSh04Kv0DkH1_KfiLVA/edit?usp=sharing