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Oxford OXE810(D)SE NAS devices (aka OXNAS) are Network Attached Storage devices based on Oxford OXE810 processor.

OXNAS is currently (no longer) supported by OE (see snippet from a mail below). Support was maintained by Steffen Sledz.

> I found that support for OxNas was removed recently in favor of
> HydraIP machine, but can't find anything about it via interwebs - are
> they similar? Do you plan to push support for Oxnas into kernel and
> u-boot? Do you interested in updating vendor-supplied kernel and
> loaders up to the recent versions?

HydraIP ist a new series of digital video recorders/transmitters for
public transport (bus, tram, train) of our company based at the OXE810.

In the early development phase we used an OXNAS evaluation development
kit together with OE. Later we created a new machine called hipox which
is different in some details from oxnas (may be they can come together
in the future).

Unfortunately Oxford/PLXTech has no intention to update there software
to current kernel versions. When OE switched to the latest security
updates (in our case from to we decided to continue
maintaining our hipox machine port only.

If you like to revive oxnas machine support, try reverting this patch
and create patches for (or newer kernel versions).