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I'm more a Software architect. Sometimes it's hard to explain what you should do in the enterprise. I work on improve this state of thing.

OpenEmbedded Experience

2006 - 2007 : Paper-book project

Prototype for paper-book

2007 - 2008 : Nao

Soon some information about it.


This section is my wiki for idea i'd like to work to improve my openembedded Some are perhaps really bad ideas ( not enough searsh ), or already exists , let me know.

better logs reports

i missed important error compiling lost of software

bugzilla integration

if ( OE_WARN_BUG == 1 )
bitbake -bugz mozilla 

cf :

reduce image size method

Reduce image size using remote lsof session on target to check useless files , packages ( blame useless dependency ) ... diff with $ROOTFS and eventually try them by size.

REMOTE_METHODE = "tty /dev/USBtty1"
bitbake -lsof-session

i should also try some code inspector ( to check code duplication etc to advise programmer where place could be saved ). Some Steiner stuff on fusil could be useful.

  • /usr/include , /usr/share/, /usr/src ... .debug directory should be tested first.

report tool

print beautiful documentation on the distro/packages/whatever.

  • template design
  • baobab ...

perharps reportlab APPS for oestats. Look ( example works pretty well).

netboot images

mkelf-linux kernel-image [ramdiskimage] keywords : initramdisk

some QA ideas

fuzzing our softwares

opkg, bitbake etc

  • using fusil ( fuzzing report ) ,

i made the recipe see bug 4495 look success story at

more documentation

bitbake documentation

I started bitbake developer documentation here : Bitbake TODO :

  • provide documentations about how to make better code in bitbake
  • pydoc , doctest , unittest , pyunit , pylint...
  • byte compiling bbclass , what is done by cache ?
  • categories for /classes : qa,pkg,build,doc,...

bbclass documentation

  • should this features be implemented as a bbclass or in bitbake core library ?
  • authors and contact in bbclass ! some of its need to be rewrite due to changes in python => 2.4 , we should detects them

and add to a TODO-featuring tracker.

  • force to provide documentation as a policy

test quality of a recipe

  • (all ?) field well filled
  • SRC_URI tarball contains no P/PV/PN => dangerous
  • no SRCREV fixed , PV = "x.y.z+svnr${SRCREV}" :

perharps allow in a pending branch and auto-apply in the stable one.

  • are SRC_URI fetchable ? we can fix it automagically changing SRC_URI for our MIRROR
  • initscript without INITSCRIPT mecanism ( we need , for each new mecanism, write a recipe test and documentation )
  • do_install with cp cmd instead of install
  • warns on RPROVIDES
  • recipe modification without upgrade the PR

cf :

common & easy script encapsulation

OpenEmbedded showcase

We should promote OE projects (not only fic & stuffs)

target web interface

  • port Webif to OE

my bug report on this : WIP

  • libopkg client support ( via ? )
  • start a new one from scratch ? ( pylons based for example ).

delivery/release class

Produce a report on a delivery. Tool that give good report are often appreciated ( there is something to show ). Managers/customers/developers can keep useful and pretty traces of their projects.

  • log/tag revision of each versioned tree ( that are not in distro/src-revs ) ( mtn status / svn info / -> rev-history , delivery-info )
  • show software update
  • show infos on bugs ( closed/news etc ) as a changelog
  • show stats about image and packets ( boabab etc )
  • show copyrights , licenses ...

emulator/qemu tasks

some tasks that could be used for tests and debug.

  • image is bootable ? ( ca be call in testsuite of task that build the img )
  • test first boot
  • upgrade not failed ? ( print the guilty )
  • broken linkage ? ( can be call in testsuite of sanity.bbclass )

provides some methods

  • build image
  • launch with adapted parameter according to a qemu-machine conf
  • NFS etc

see poky anjuta plugin and poky qemu scripts.

coreboot integration

  • some recipes for utils
  • use openembedded instead of buildrom ( yes another build system :/ )

Gentoo ebuild compatibility

using script ( crazy ) or common variables ( completely crazy ).

use git facilities

locate bug when upgrading oe

something like :

git bisect start
git bisect bad
ops = rec_ops(BB_CMD)
if [ $? -eq 0 ]
 git bisect bad
 git bisect good

IDE integration

Centers of interest related to openembedded