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Here is my history as programmer: - 1997 simple file manager,

  Program language - Pascal;

- 1997 small graphical editor for BMP-files.

  Pascal with ASM blocks -> using mouse. 

- 1997-1998 School project for courses of Informatic.

  Program language - Pascal. 
  Name of project game "Monopoly"
  Code part - developing all process with graphic interface and game design, unique graphic file format for this project, 3D effects in game.

- 1998-1999 Program for recruitment.

  (The terms of reference were given by psychologist for recruitment)
  Description: This program was a test. 
                     You had to choose a set of favorite colors. Each color should be recorded under code and saved for analysis in a summary table. 
                     Table then sent to analysis of recruiters.
  Code on C++ & ASM.

- 2005-2006 develop CAD-program for collect statistic data for sites (radio base stations).

  Program was written on VBA for MS Access.

- than little sketches for Excel, same VBA. (periodically back to this till present) - three years ago start learn Java (ME), was written few programs for my mobile phone. Played with this few month.