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This page is an attempt to detail the methods that I have adopted in the course of a commercial project to integrate OE into our development process. It is assumed any readers of this document have a firm understanding of the inter workings of OpenEmbedded. Also it must be understood that while the methods and approaches below do indeed work they are probably far from optimal as I'm neither an expert at OpenEmbedded or product development. Please feel free to modify this document, post to the discussions, or email me directly with any suggestions or corrections.

Issues Addressed

When do you freeze OpenEmbedded?

One of the main issues identified early on in our product development was that at some point we would have to freeze our copy of OpenEmbedded. We also realized that at some point down the road (next development cycle) we would want to merge back with the mainstream OE.

How do you manage custom pages?

How do you manage system builds?

How do you manage field upgrades?

What about manufacturing test?