[OE-core] Connectivity check uris

Ross Burton ross.burton at intel.com
Thu Jan 23 13:56:03 UTC 2020

On 23/01/2020 13:14, Jean-Marie LEMETAYER wrote:
> So "example.com" is clearly not a good domain to do connectivity checks.
> The "openembedded.org" domain is good but have a slow response time.
> And finally "google.com" which have all sort of speedy networking stuff is very
> efficient.

Oh my domestic ADSL in the UK I ran your script, example.com finished in 
1 minute with 100/100.  What internet connectivity to you have?  The 
performance hit with the OE servers isn't ideal, and Google isn't 
suitable as has been said.

Note that if you're having problems with the check, a quick fix would be 
to just set CONNECTIVITY_CHECK_URIS="" in your distro to turn the check 
off entirely.


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