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NOTE: This page has been identified as having content that is significantly out-of-date, usually because it refers to OpenEmbedded-Classic - for new projects, you should use OpenEmbedded-Core.

See OpenEmbedded Wiki Update Project for more details.


BitBake is, at its simplest, a tool for executing tasks and managing metadata. As such, its similarities to GNU make and other build tools are readily apparent. It was inspired by Portage, the package management system used by the Gentoo Linux distribution.

BitBake is the basis of the OpenEmbedded project, which is being used to build and maintain a number of embedded Linux distributions, including OpenZaurus and Familiar.


Version information

OpenEmbedded require BitBake 1.10.2 or newer. Some features can require GIT HEAD. Laibsch provides a Debian package for use in Ubuntu and Debian.

BitBake "trunk" contain experimental code - use at your own risk.