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Your donations to the OpenEmbedded Project help keep the project running smoothly. Historically, OpenEmbedded depended on the generosity of individuals and organizations to cover expenses for hardware to support project operations, meeting space, travel and publicity.

Due to the success of OpenEmbedded it is clear we need to start active fund raising so we can reduce out dependence on other entities and reduce out of pocket expenses for people contributing to the project.

How to Donate

OpenEmbedded is an associated project of Software in the Public Interest a US based 501c3. They handle donations for us. Use the donate button on the left of the page to donate via PayPal. Recurring donations really help us understand our income stream and that helps us plan for expenses, but one time donations are always welcome.

For more information how to donate read the SPI page on donating. This should be helpful if you are not based in the US.

For US people (and possibly people working for US corporations) there are programs that can match the value of your donation. Many employers match donations to 501c3's. Please check your company benefits package to see if your company does.

Some companies will donate on your behalf to organizations you do volunteer work for. Many people also work on OpenEmbedded outside regular business hours. Check if your company makes such donations. This is a great way to support OpenEmbedded financially!

And yes, the doublethedonation website is annoying, but is a good explanation of these programs.