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OpenEmbedded Git repository

Git repository that currently mirrors the main Monotone repository (test installation).

Web interfaces:

To use the git repository:

  • Anonymous clone. By default, a clone now checks out the branch.
    • git clone git://
  • checkout a different branch:
    • git checkout --track -b <branch> origin/<branch>
  • see other branches that are available:
    • git branch -r
  • Update your branch
    • git pull

and if your key is registered, push/pull from:


Other Repositories of Interest

To add a branch mirroring the openmoko tree, do the following:

  • git remote add git://
  • git fetch
  • git branch -r
  • gitk
  • git diff origin/
  • git diff origin/ classes
  • git checkout -b org.openmoko.asu.stable --track

Monotone to Git Conversion Issues

Why Git

Why are we switching:

  • better support for branching and merging (this is where git shines)
  • much faster
  • much larger user base -- many people doing OE work are already using git for kernel work

Mail list discussions on the topic: