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Governance structure/bylaws

As of 2015, OpenEmbedded is a Texas-registered non-profit corporation

Copy of bylaws ratified in 2015 can be found <<<HERE>>>

Previously, OpenEmbedded was a German e.V. - more information here: Organization-e.V.

The current board of directors

  • Philip Balister
  • Denys Dmytriyenko
  • Jon Mason
  • Tim Orling

Current Members

(please keep in alphabetical order)

  1. Alejandro Hernandez
  2. Alessandro Gardich
  3. Alex Lennon
  4. Alper Ak
  5. Anders Darander
  6. Andrea Adami
  7. Andrea Galbusera
  8. Andreas Oberritter
  9. Andrei Gherzan
  10. Apelete Seketeli
  11. Armin Kuster
  12. Behan Webster
  13. Bill Mills
  14. Bruce Ashfield
  15. Changhyeok Bae
  16. Chris Larson
  17. Christopher Clark
  18. Cliff Brake
  19. Daniel Willmann
  20. Dave Stewart
  21. David Reyna
  22. Denys Dmytriyenko
  23. Dirk Hohndel
  24. Dirk Opfer
  25. Dmitry Eremin­Solenikov
  26. Eilís Ní Fhlannagáin
  27. Eric Bénard
  28. Esben Haabendal
  29. Florian Boor
  30. Frans Meulenbroeks
  31. Gary Thomas
  32. George McCollister
  33. Graeme Gregory
  34. Henning Heinold
  35. Holger Freyther
  36. Jack Mitchell
  37. Jan Lübbe
  38. Jan-Simon Möller
  39. Jason Kridner
  40. Jeff Osier-Mixon
  41. John Toomey
  42. John Willis
  43. Jon Mason
  44. Josef Holzmayr
  45. Joshua Lock
  46. Joshua Watt
  47. Ken Gilmer
  48. Khem Raj
  49. Koen Kooi
  50. Leon Woestenberg
  51. Liam Girdwood
  52. Manjukumar Matha
  53. Marcin Juszkiewicz
  54. Marco Cavallini
  55. Marek Vasut
  56. Mark Brown
  57. Mark Hatle
  58. Marta Rybczynska
  59. Martin Hundebøll
  60. Martin Jansa
  61. Marwan Seliem
  62. Michael Halstead
  63. Michael Lauer
  64. Michael Smith
  65. Moritz Fischer
  66. Nicolas Dechesne
  67. Otavio Salvador
  68. Paul Barker
  69. Paul Eggleton
  70. Peter Bergin
  71. Peter Hoyes
  72. Peter Kjellerstedt
  73. Philip Balister
  74. Philip Blundell
  75. Phillip Zabel
  76. Randy MacLeod
  77. Ricardo Ribalda
  78. Rich Persaud
  79. Richard Purdie
  80. Robert Berger
  81. Robert Schuster
  82. Roman I Khimov
  83. Ross Burton
  84. Rudolf J Streif
  85. Saul Wold
  86. Scott Garman
  87. Scott Murray
  88. Sean Hudson
  89. Simon Busch
  90. Stefan Schmidt
  91. Stephano Cetola
  92. Steve Sakoman
  93. Taras Kondratiuk
  94. Tim Orling
  95. Tom King
  96. Tom Rini
  97. Trevor Gamblin
  98. Trevor Woerner
  99. Ulf Samuelsson
  100. Vyacheslav Yurkov
  101. Yu Ke
  102. Yury Bushmelev
  103. Zach Welch


Why become an OpenEmbedded Member?

  • Can vote in YP TSC, OE TSC, and OE board elections
  • Can vote to approve/deny new OE members
  • Can run for positions on YP TSC, OE TSC, and OE Board
  • Access to members only mailing list
  • Monthly OE Happy hours (generally open to non-members)
  • Ability to attend and present at OE dev day (attendance generally open to non-members)

Steps to become an OpenEmbedded Member

  1. E-mail with your desire to become a member.
    New members are voted on by the existing membership. This is mostly a formality, but members do want relevant information about yourself (to make sure you are a real person, have relevant interest in OE, and would be a good member). To that end, providing the following should help your application:
    • Please describe yourself and your relevant OpenEmbedded experience.
      (Links to commits in OE git would be nice)
      (LinkedIn link might be helpful as well)
    • Please list OE members who can vouch for you (none are required, but having some is always beneficial).
    • Anything else members might wish to know?
  2. The board will hold an online vote using Helios with existing members to approve/deny your membership (takes ~1 month)
  3. The board will notify you of the outcome
  4. You will be invited to join the OE members mailing list and added to the membership list on the OE wiki


The OpenEmbedded organization installed the [TSC] to make technical steering of the project easier.

Social Media

For topics concerning the various representations of OpenEmbedded on social media, please contact Social Media Manager Josef Holzmayr.


  • process for adding new members
  • process for voting
  • responsibility of the board
  • conflict resolution

Pointers for Board Members

Online Voting Policy


Are contributions tax deductible?
Yes they are. See Donating to OpenEmbedded for complete information
Should I become member of the OpenEmbedded?
We welcome all developers and users of OpenEmbedded. This is the organization representing the individuals that make up the project.
How do I become member of the OpenEmbedded?
Is there a membership fee?
There is no membership fee. We do welcome one time and recurring donations to help cover project costs.

General Assemblies

* Prague, 2011
* Barcelona, 2012
* Edinburgh, 2013
* Dusseldorf, 2014
* Dublin, 2015
* Berlin, 2016
* OEDEM_2017
* OEDEM_2018