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OpenEmbedded's Software Requirements

This page is the reference of what software is needed. But OEandYourDistro is likely much faster in getting you that software actually installed. A script for Ubuntu is provided.

To use the OE build system the following software is required on your system:

  • Python (Version 2.5.0 or 2.6.x for latest development version of bitbake)
    • Note that you may also need certain development files for Python e.g. for bitbake's to work. Depending on the distribution you use you may want to look for a package called "python-dev", "python-devel", or similar.
  • Python python-ply
  • Python python-progressbar
  • GNU Patch (Version 2.5.9 or later, see . It is a "testing release" and is not mirrored on the GNU mirrors.)
  • GNU m4
  • GNU make (Version 3.80 or later for kernels)
  • Psyco JIT Compiler is recommended to increase performance (32bit only)
  • perl (needs newer than 5.0, how much newer? probably at least 5.6.2)
  • diffstat
  • bitbake

Tools to download source files

Tools to verify integrity of the downloaded sources

  • md5sum
  • sha256sum

Tools to unpack sources

  • tar
  • bzip2
  • gzip
  • unzip

Tools to build the various *-doc packages

Other packages

  • GNU sed 4.x
  • Bison
  • bc (binary calculator), if you want to build a Zaurus 2.4 or any of the collie kernels
  • glibc headers (libc6-dev in Debian, glibc-devel in RPM based (in PLD also glibc-static is needed))
  • pcre headers (Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library, required for e.g. konqueror-embedded)
  • SDL headers to build qemu-native (apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev under Ubuntu/Debian)
  • mktemp (required by quilt and used in some package patches)
  • help2man - Create simple man pages from --help output
  • gawk - Text Processing Tool
  • chrpath - change the rpath or runpath in binaries

There is an ongoing effort to accurately document the required software within the OpenEmbedded and ultimately, this will be reflected in the ASSUME_PROVIDED variable.