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Naming Conventions

Use $packagename_$

Format Guidelines

  • No spaces are allowed behind the line continuation symbol
  • The correct spacing for a variable is FOO = "BAR".
  • Use quotes on the right hand side of assignments: FOO = "BAR"
  • Comments inside bb files are allowed using the '#' character at the beginning of a line.
  • Use spaces for indentation as developers tends to use different amount of spaces per one tab.
  • Indentation of multiline variables such as SRC_URI is desireable.
  • Python functions should be four space indented, no tabs.
  • Shell functions are usually tab character indented.

Style Checking tools

Please run ./contrib/ on your recipes before submitting them.

Style Guidelines

  • Put the inherit declaration after the initial variables are set up and before any custom do_ routines. This is flexible as ordering is often important.
  • If you define custom do_ routines, keep them in the order of the tasks being executed, that is:
    • do_fetch
    • do_unpack
    • do_patch
    • do_configure
    • do_compile
    • do_install
    • do_populate_sysroot
    • do_package
  • Don't use cp to put files into staging or destination directories, use install instead.
  • Don't use mkdir to create destination directories, use install -d instead.
  • There is a standard set of variables often found in a .bb file and the preferred order (to make the file easily readable to seasoned developers) is
    • AUTHOR
    • PV
    • PR
    • SRC_URI
    • S
    • inherit ...
    • build class specific variables, i.e. EXTRA_QMAKEVARS_POST
    • task overrides, i.e. do_configure
    • FILES
  • Package related variables for a given package are often grouped together for clarity.

Example Recipe

SUMMARY = "X11 Code Viewer"
DESCRIPTION = "Allow viewing of X11 code in a fancy way which allows easier \
               and more productive X11 programming"
AUTHOR = "John Bazz <>"
SECTION = "x11/applications"
DEPENDS = "libsm libx11 libxext libxaw"
PV = "0.9+git${SRCPV}"

# upstream does not yet publish any release so we have to fetch last working version from GIT
SRCREV = "6a5e79ae8a0f4a273a603b2df1742972510d3d8f"
SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=http \

S = "${WORKDIR}/xcv/"

inherit autotools

do_configure_prepend() {
    rm ${S}/aclocal.m4

do_install() {
    install -d ${D}${bindir}
    install -d ${D}${mandir}/man1

    install -m 0755 xcv ${D}${bindir}/   
    install -m 0644 xcv.1.gz ${D}${mandir}/man1/

RDEPENDS_${PN} = "shared-mime-info"
RRECOMMENDS_${PN} = "ctags"
RCONFLICTS_${PN} = "xcv2"

PR variables with recipes that use INC files

When recipe include files are used, the PR handling gets kind of messy. Its a pain to have to audit the PR in all the dependent recipes when you change something in an INC file. We usually use the following solution:

recipe: PR = "${INC_PR}.1"

inc file: INC_PR = "r1"

When converting existing recipes to use INC_PR, set the initial INC_PR to the maximum of the current PRs.

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