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A list of projects, companies and other people using OE as well as some quotes from OE users.


  • 4G-Systems are using it for the Meshcube, see [1]
  • Dream Multimedia TV are using it for their Dreambox 702x, see [2]
  • M&N Solutions is using it for it's MNCI "Ramses" device for software release 5.4. They use a local derivate of OE for their radio hand-held terminals RT3000 and RT4000 and for their fork-lift terminal RT2100.
  • Toradex are using it for their Colibri development boards
  • Axon Digital Design builds small Linux based firmwares for some of their modular HDTV boards.
  • emQbit is using it for their development boards
  • OpenMoko is using it for the OpenMoko SmartPhone Distribution
  • Techsol is using it for their Medallion boards.
  • Gumstix is using OpenEmbedded for their small form factor Basix, Connex, and Verdex motherboards
  • Bug Labs is using Poky Linux on the BUG device, a portable and modular Linux platform.
  • BEC Systems is helping customers use OE in commercial projects.
  • Sidebranch uses OE to help companies get on speed with embedded Linux in an open manner.
  • Hark Technologies uses OE for their AT91SAM9260 SBC
  • Ronetix are using KaeilOS it for their development boards
  • Palm is using OpenEmbedded to build Palm webOS
  • MontaVista Software, Inc. includes BitBake and OpenEmbedded based metadata collections as part of their MVL6 product.
  • KOAN use OpenEmbedded (and BitBake) as foundation of their product KaeilOS industrial grade embedded linux.
  • kernel concepts makes use of OpenEmbedded in its product µCross

Inhouse Usage

  • AMD: internal work on distributions for a thin client
  • Openedhand : Internal development work and custom images
  • Siemens: internal work in R&D
  • TI: internal work on distributions for developer boards
  • Digitalcube : internal work in R&D for developer boards and PMP
  • kernel concepts : Internal R&D tasks and demo images for customers.
  • NXP Semiconductors: Custom images & distributions for research purposes with third parties.
  • Telefonica I+D Networked Vehicles Division : R&D tasks in automotive field. OE is used for vehicle On Board Units and infrastructure Road Side Units.
  • Atmel: demos and documentation on all AT91 ARM based products available on : are using Ångström/OE.
  • Mentorel: demo images for customers using Ångström/OE.
  • SlimLogic: Customer and internal R&D projects.
  • Eccam: is using Ångström/OE in R&D projects - like this map rendering demo.

Education and Research

Open Source

  • All Ångström releases are based on OE
  • All OpenZaurus releases >= 3.5.1 are based on OE
  • All OpenSIMpad releases >= 0.9.1 are based on OE
  • OpenSlug distribution for the Linksys NSLU2 and the Unslung distribution for the NSLU2 as well.
  • OWMNR - Open Wireless Metropolitan Network Router. OE based distribution for creating a wireless router.
  • GPE Phone Edition uses OE for VMWare demo images and to build SDKs.
  • The JLime Linux distribution uses OE for all current releases.
  • All Mamona releases are based on OE
  • Jalimo maintains the Java build recipes in OE and provides binary packages for Maemo-based devices.
  • The italian company KOAN adopted OE in February 2009 as foundation for their KaeilOS distribution since its release 4.0

Open Hardware


Well, looks like openembedded has really sorted out my install/setup nightmare for this eval board... thanks you guys. In the last 4 hours, i've gotten more done with this board than i have in 6 months.

I will try and add an smdk2410.conf machine file to the setup soon... not that i expect it'll be useful to a lot of people, but i'll try to at least document it so that other machines can be supported easily enough.

Well I just got OE set up and I've been really impressed so far.

OE takes all of the hassle out of cross-compiling.