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Technology has been a driving force and lifelong interest even before it was my career. Starting with my first machine; the Commodore Vic-20, at age 7; I have spent the better part of the last 30 years in some way involved with the industry. I have had many incarnations in the field including every level of technical-side support and development jobs; which led to opportunities owning and/or operating several computer houses in the mid to late 90's and eventually my own firm in 99. I followed that with several ventures with varying levels of success. I followed the real-estate boom, delving into finance related technology development in 2005 until that ran its course. Last year I revisited an idea I originally developed in early 2000 after a rather unsuccessful idea pitch I made to Gateway Computer. Mobli was created with one goal in mind, that is to create computers that fill the gap between the personal computer and the individual; taking personal computers into the next level.