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Ronetix PM9263 device  
[http://www.ronetix.at/pm9263.html Ronetix PM9263] device  
Hardware features:
Hardware features:

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Ronetix PM9263 device

Hardware features:

  • CPU: AT91SAM9263, 240 MHz ARM926EJ-S
  • 64MB DRAM, 32-bit
  • 4MB NOR Flash, 16-bit (bootable, see note)
  • 256 MB NAND Flash (see note)
  • 4 MB Atmel Serial DataFlash (bootable, see note)
  • 4 MB Video Memory on a separate external bus
  • SPI EEPROM (optional)
  • 10/100 MBits Ethernet
  • Serial number chip DS2401
  • SODIMM200 module (67x40mm)

Ronetix PM9263 is maintained by Marco Cavallini (mckoan) and KOAN team.