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Marco Cavallini

Open Source and Linux embedded evangelist since 1999 with the first StrongArm boards. Marco Cavallini is an OpenEmbedded member since 2009 and Yocto Advocate since 2012. He founded KOAN in 1996, an embedded software engineering company based in Italy, specialized in kernel development and training services for Linux embedded systems. He is a C/C++ programmer since the mid-80s. When not using computers, Marco is usually interested in mixing Physics with Philosophy.

  • Linux embedded developer since 1999
  • OpenEmbedded developer since 2009
  • Yocto Project participant since 2010
  • Yocto Project consultant and trainer
  • Yocto Project ambassador since 2012
  • wxWidgets developer and evangelist
  • KOAN sas founder (1996)


IRC: mckoan



Website: -