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Here is script collections I using for doing OpenEmbedded test-builds. It is on OE tree now (contrib/testing/testbuilder). You can view it online here: http://cgit.openembedded.org/cgit.cgi/openembedded/tree/contrib/testing/testbuilder

How to setup and use

I assume below that you wish install TestBuilder into ~/testbuilder directory.

  1. Copy files from OE contrib/testing/testbuilder directory to any place you wish to use (e.g. ~/testbuilder) and goto that directory
  2. Run setup-testbuilder script with OE branch and bitbake branch you wish to use (e.g.: ./setup-testbuilder "testing-next" "1.10"). It will clone OE and bitbake trees and prepare build/conf/local.conf file for you. You can review local.conf after and add some settings there.
  3. Create testbuilder.conf according your needs. You can use testbuilder.conf.sample as reference.
  4. Run ./testbuilder and wait for build results. Check 'logs' subdir for log files ('tail logs/B.*' is useful)

You can run single configured build (e.g. "testing")

 ./testbuilder -B testing

Or you can use testbuilder to build specified distro/machine/images (e.g. angstrom-2008.1/qemuarm/console-image x11-image)

 ./testbuilder -D angstrom-2008.1 -M qemuarm console-image x11-image

If you wish only setup environment and run bitbake by hands you can use -S option:

 ./testbuilder -D angstrom-2008.1 -M qemuarm -S