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Yury 'Jay7' Bushmelev <>

I'm doing following stuff for OE:

  • trying to maintain Zaurus machines in OpenEmbedded.
  • running TestBuilder for following machines as part of Testing initiative
    • DISTROS="angstrom-2010.x minimal"
    • MACHINES="tosa collie akita efikamx ben-nanonote"
    • IMAGES="console-image x11-image opie-image"
  • trying to create new buildstats collecting and reporting infrastructure together with Yocto project

I'm kexecboot lead developer.

I can provide remote access to following machines:

  • Sharp Zaurus SL-6000L (tosa)
  • Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 (collie)
  • Sharp Zaurus SL C-1000 (akita)
  • Ben NanoNote
  • Efika MX Smarttop

I'm looking for remote contracted OE/Linux/FreeBSD-based work.