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Definition: The 2011.03-maintenance branch is a branch made based on the Release-2011.03 release tag in the metadata.

Getting the stable branch

First download the main branch in the usual way

git clone git://git.openembedded.org/openembedded

then take a look at available branches in the main repository

git branch -a

now you can get the stable branch with

git checkout -b 2011.03-maintenance origin/2011.03-maintenance

and verify the branch where you are working now

$ git branch
* 2011.03-maintenance

Dealing with changes

This branch is being run on a 'pull model' where in all changes will be pushed into the branch by Tom Rini. Changes may be submitted via the openembedded-devel mailing list as patches or as git pull requests to branches that reside in some publicly available git tree. This pull request should include a log of the changes, but that is not strictly required. Unless specific to code that no longer resides in a non-maintenance branch (ie master here or oe-core / meta-oe / etc) code must be a backport and should say where the code already resides (for ease of review, interoperability checking and so forth). Changes may reside in either the openembedded 'master' repository OR a relevant public layer in the oe-core / meta-oe / etc universe. Requests should have [2011.03-maintenance] in the subject line. To give others time to comment, pull requests will usually have a day between being posted and being pulled.

What is supported

The following combinations are supported by volunteers in this branch:

Distribution Machines Image / Feed / etc target
angstrom-2008.1 beagleboard, bug20, hawkboard, am180x-evm, am3517-evm, am37x-evm, am389x-evm, c6a816x-evm, da830-omapl137-evm, da850-omapl138-evm, dm355-evm, dm357-evm, dm365-evm, dm37x-evm, dm6446-evm, dm6467-evm, dm6467t-evm, omap3evm, qemuarm, qemumips, qemuppc, qemux86, efika console-image, angstrom-gnome-image

If you would like to see something else supported please speak up and volunteer to support it.