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The BUG by default runs a customized version of Poky Linux.

Development branch of OpenEmbedded provides basic support for device. It is possible to run BugLabs software by using "hrw/oe-stable-2009" branch available in BugLabs svn server.

Official maintainer

Marcin Juszkiewicz


  • CPU: i.MX31
  • RAM: 128MB
  • Flash: 32MB (used only for bootloader)
  • Storage: microSD card (2GB one provided with device)
  • Screen: built-in monochrome status display + upto 2 QVGA screens
  • Connectivity:
    • built-in WiFi (Marvell 8686 SDIO) in r1.3 version of device
    • built-in Bluetooth in r1.3 version of device
    • external module with Marvell 8686 SPI Wifi ++ BlueTooth
  • USB host
    • On-The-Go connector in device
    • USB Host port in VonHippel module
  • Expansion modules
    • LCD screen with touchscreen (QVGA resolution)
    • motion detector
    • GPS
    • BugBee
    • VonHippel (USB Host, GPIO, SPI, I2C, I2S, ADC, DAC, serial lines)
    • Camera
    • Audio