CeBIT 2011

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OpenEmbedded booth

Visit us

Hall 2, Booth F44


You are going to CeBIT 2011 and can spend some time at the OpenEmbedded stand to explain interested individuals the virtues of OpenEmbedded? Add your name and on which day you'll be available.

  • Robert Schuster
  • Mickey Lauer
  • Henning Heinold (3.3-5.3, only parttime, mainly on the navit booth)


Flyers and posters

* Robert Schuster: ~500 OpenEmbedded flyers (will be sent from Florian to tarent office in Bonn)

Free Tickets

CeBIT organizers provided us with lots of free tickets for the event. If you want one leave your name and email here (don't forget to obfuscate the later a bit).