Deprecate distutils

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Deprecating distutils*.bbclass

In Python 3.10 `distutils` has been deprecated and is to be removed in Python 3.12. In preparation for this, the `distutils*` classes have been deprecated and nearly all usage in oe-core has been removed.

We still have a few recipes under the meta-openembedded umbrella that inherit one of the `distutils` classes (the lowest common denominator is `distutils-common-base`)

To get a list, you can run the following command:

$ bitbake-layers show-recipes -i distutils-common-base -r

This is a call to arms, please help by picking one of the following.

List of recipes inheriting distutils*

Recipe Layer Version Latest Upstream Assignee Status
cxxtest meta-oe v4.4 v RossBurton In review
gammu meta-oe v1.32.0 v1.42.0 Moto-timo In progress review
iotop meta-oe v0.6 v RossBurton In review
lirc meta-oe v0.10.1 v Oleksandr Kravchuk In progress review
python3-dbussy meta-python v1.3 v RossBurton In review (bug)
python3-greenlet meta-python v1.1.2 v Ross Burton In review
python3-hexdump meta-python v3.3 v RossBurton In review (remove)
python3-pycrypto meta-python v2.6.1 v2.6.1 RossBurton In review (Obsolete, remove)
python3-pyparted meta-python v3.11.7 v RossBurton In review (bug)
python3-smbus meta-python v4.3 v RossBurton In review
pyxdg meta-oe v0.26 v RossBurton In review
sanlock meta-oe v3.8.4 v RossBurton In review. Upstream bug