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OpenEmbedded booth


You are going to FOSDEM and can spend some time at the OpenEmbedded stand to explain interested individuals the virtues of OpenEmbedded? Add your name and on which day you'll be available.

  • Philip Balister (Saturday)
  • Belén Barros Pena (Sunday)
  • Florian Boor


A bunch of tasks need to be carried out to make our attendance a pleasant experience. Each task needs a volunteer who is willing to help.

Event box

  • Florian brings the contents split into suitcase and TFT box

Device Tags

People standing in front of our booth often want to know what kind of device it is that blinks so funnily. ;) We could make things easier by being able to print small tags providing some information about board manufacturer, CPU, RAM and what its relation to OpenEmbedded is.

Volunteer: Belén Barros Pena (but I will need some help with the tag content).


  • Belén will hopefully bring a MinnowBoard Max or 2
  • Florian brings his Mini210s, maybe something else

Flyers and posters

You can bring and/or print OpenEmbedded flyers and posters? Add your name and what you'll bring.

I have more OpenEmbedded stickers, Philip (Crofton)

Power extensions, adapters and other stand material

Bringing devices is cool but we need a way to bring power to them too. Additionally people might need power sockets for different systems than the european one. List your name and what stuff you can bring.

  • Belén can bring a UK power extension if that's useful

General attendance

Attending FOSDEM 2016? Add your name to this page so that other developers can look out for you!

  • Philip Balister (Crofton)
  • Belén Barros Pena (belen)
  • Florian Boor (florian)

OpenEmbedded Related talks


Although FOSDEM itself takes place at the ULB campus, most folks prefer to stay nearer the city centre.

Most of us stay at the Saint Nicolas due to the wifi.

Scandic Grand Place.

 Rue d'Arenberg 18
 Close to beer event (300 m) and Central Station.
 Tram to Fosdem around the corner.
 Bus to FOSDEM
 Train + Bus to FOSDEM
 Free WiFi

Saint Nicolas

 Hôtel Saint Nicolas *** 
 Rue Marché aux Poulets 32 
 1000 Bruxelles Tél. +32/2-219.04.40 
 Fax +32/2-219.17.21
 close to beer event, bus to Fosdem few minutes by walk from hotel.

IBIS Brussels off Grand' Place

 Grasmarkt 100
 Rue du Marché aux Herbes 100

Be Manos Hotel

 23-27, Square de LAviation
 1070 Brussels
 close to Midi station