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OpenEmbedded 2019 booth


Are you going to FOSDEM and can spend some time at the OpenEmbedded stand to explain interested individuals the virtues of OpenEmbedded? Add your name and on which day you'll be available.

  • Scott Murray - should be available for a big chunk of both Saturday and Sunday
  • Chris Simmonds - would be happy to take a slot of booth duty either Saturday or Sunday
  • Philip Balister - I'll stop by Saturday and see what you need. I can make a beer, drink and food run.

Devices & Project Demos

Can you bring some interesting hardware running Linux built with OE? We're especially interested if it shows off the features of OE such as building the same software for multiple boards, ease of OS customisation, etc.

  • Scott Murray - AGL running on up^2 board plus 11" touchscreen

Anything else?

If you can bring anything else useful - OE stickers/flyers, power adaptors & cables, etc - let us know here...


If you're attending FOSDEM and want to meet up with other OE & Yocto folk then put your name down here so we can look out for you.

  • Chris Simmonds
  • Philip Balister
  • Marcin Juszkiewicz
  • Jon Mason


If you're not attending FOSDEM put your name down here so nobody goes looking for you. :)

  • Josef Holzmayr


Although FOSDEM itself takes place at the ULB campus, most folks prefer to stay nearer the city centre.

Saint Nicolas

 Hôtel Saint Nicolas *** 
 Rue Marché aux Poulets 32 
 1000 Bruxelles Tél. +32/2-219.04.40 
 Fax +32/2-219.17.21
 close to beer event, bus to Fosdem few minutes by walk from hotel.

IBIS Brussels off Grand' Place

 Grasmarkt 100
 Rue du Marché aux Herbes 100