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OpenEmbedded Gitlab project

Based on discussions from ELCE 2019 in Lyon, we are starting to experiment with a Gitlab group for OpenEmbedded:

The main idea is to try to offer an OpenEmbedded branded / managed project for users to host their layers or any other relevant OpenEmbedded git projects.

Admins and permissions

Top level permission

The owners for the Gitlab group are:

  • Members of the OpenEmbedded board
  • Paul Barker and Nicolas Dechesne who have volunteered to start this project
  • Additional admins can be added at the discretion of the OpenEmbedded board.


OpenEmbedded main repositories are mirrored on the OpenEmbedded Gitlab group. Note that they are read-only mirrors from, and there is no change to the OpenEmbedded patch review process.

User project

When a user's request to create and maintain a new layer on the OpenEmbedded Gitlab instance is approved, he will get Maintainer role on that project. As such that user will now be responsible for the administration of the newly created project.

How to make requests

All requests for new project and/or permissions must be done using Gitlab issues on the admin project at: Community projects will be created under the Community subgroup, see