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This is a little project to increase the quality of the LayerIndex entries.

We do not have a name yet, so we just call it 'Checker' for now.

It uses existing tools and the guidelines documented e.g. in the BSP guides and in the existing tests/tooling.

Currently it does 3 things:

a) grep LAYERSERIES_COMPAT <layer>/conf/layer.conf

a1) grep for 'dunfell' (or gatesgart)

b) grep LAYERDEPENDS <layer>/conf/layer.conf

[ run bitbake-layer layerindex-fetch $layer ]

c) run layer check script: yocto-check-layer (from OE-core repo)

An example run is available on this page for 'dunfell' LayerIndex/Checker/dunfell

Code is at:

Next steps:

  • need help with:
    • Update layerindex to add field noting the layer passed the 'checker' (or however we will name it)
    • Expose api call to upload this for branch/layer/package combination
    • option: add field showing if the checker did run/run last
    • option: add field noting the error if it did not pass
  • will do myself
    • update script to work against api
    • enhance script to pick machines for BSP layers