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LinuxTag 2011

  • takes place in Berlin, Germany
  • May 11th to 14th 2011
  • LinuxTag is Germany's biggest F/OSS event
  • Berlin is supercool and quite cheap


You are going to LinuxTag and can spend some time at the OpenEmbedded stand to explain interested individuals the virtues of OpenEmbedded? Add your name and on which day you'll be available.

  • Florian Boor
  • Robert Schuster (will definitely be there)
  • Henning Heinold (occassionally, can jump in so that other people can take a break)
  • Bernhard Guillon
  • <your name here>


  • be informed of what will come
  • oe-core/layers bsp's

Booth support material

  • power extensions and converters
  • TFT screen
  • transport box
  • SD cards and reader
  • WIFI AP in managed mode (provide wired network to embedded devices)

Marketing material

  • Flyer availability?
  • Poster availability?
- Poster needs to be updated
- where are poster sources?
  • embedded devices to show (+ what is running on them)
  • booth presentation slideshow
- Robert Schuster made one for CeBIT, will update it and bring it to the event
  • OE booth demo image