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The Technical Steering Council (TSC) is a committee within OpenEmbedded (OE) appointed by the board with its members voted by election of the eV members.

The TSC is ultimately answerable to the members of the OE eV through the OE board!

The TSC has 5 positions which will be filled by 5 people elected by the OE eV members using the eV voting processes.

The serving term of a TSC member is 1 year, they may be re-elected to serve more than one term. Each position on the TSC is elected seperately.

No member is required to serve out his full term, the board would prefer that if a member of the TSC feels that he is not in a position to best serve the TSC that he can step down and trigger an election for his position.

Decisions by the TSC are made where necessary by majority vote. Once a decision is made by the technical steering committee, the decision should be respected as a democratic decision.

The board will leave the internal running of TSC meetings/roles/communication/task allocation to the current committee to decide, but we would wish that the TSCs actions were transparent to the members.

The rights and responsibilities of the TSC within the project:

  1. To lead the technical development of OpenEmbedded forward.
  2. To generally promote good development practice in OpenEmbedded.
  3. To assist the board anticipating future developments in world outside OpenEmbedded, that could affect the project technically, and bring these to the members notice.
  4. To govern access to all technical aspects of OpenEmbedded, this includes official git trees, openembedded-devel mailing list, bug trackers, QA systems, and others as the TSC sees fit.
  5. To make decisions in the technical implementation of OpenEmbedded where the membership is unable to obtain a consensus within itself.
  6. To guide the technical aspects of cooporation with outside entities, whether upstreaming or collaborating.
  7. To inform the OpenEmbedded board if there is an area not covered in the charter the TSC feel should be and the board can make a decision on updating the charter.