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UNIX, VxWorks, Embedded Linux developer (toolchain, libs, kernel, applications) for Oregon State University, Tektronix, Intel (fka Wind River) and Datalogic (fka Spectra-Physics Scanning Systems and PSC). Some highlights:

  • backup/restore, scripting on BSD2.9, BSD4.1 on PDP-11/VAX 750 (1984)
  • add 68010 bus error/instruction restart to 68000 based UNIX System 7, run team build and version control systems (1990)
  • Linux 1.0.9/Slackware 3.0 user and network device driver hacking (1994)
  • Architecture/board ports for VxWorks, MIPS, PowerPC cache/MMU/usermode libraries (2000)
  • Wind River Linux arch/board ports, kernel lead, technical partner coordination (2005)
  • Linux ARM/PC multicomputer video/networking applications/team cross-tools/build support on Timesys and Yocto (2010)
  • Zone offset strptime fixes accepted to GNU libc (2016)